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Viking Marine represents broad knowledge and experience from Marine Operations & Services, Oil and Gas Industry, Renewable Energy, Shipyard Services, On / Offshore Work and Delivery of all types of personnel.

  • We provide services at Gismarvik Base, as well as having personnel available to our customers.
  • We provide complete basic services where the customer gets everything they need by choosing Gismarvik as the «one-stop shop»
  • We have alliances with local suppliers, so we can offer the customer complete solutions.

Viking Marine, together with its alliances, offers a large equipment park, all within marine operations, transportation, warehousing, qualified personnel for a wide range of services, administrative services, diving, tank cleaning, rigging, mob / demob, mechanical, prefabrication and more. All services can be delivered where the customer needs.

Our business idea

The business idea of Viking Marine AS is to provide a complete Package to our Client and be the single point of contact in their projects. The operation of Base Services at Gismarvik Offshore Base where customers are provided with «one-stop-shop» and from there also provide services where the customer is.By delivering quality, cost-cutting solutions, availability and service around the clock, Viking Marine AS aims to be the preferred supplier of marine services in the Scandinavian Oil & Gas Market, Renewable Energy, Marine Industry, Offshore and Offshore Industry.

  • Mobilization locally
  • Be close to the customer and provide services and equipment where they need it
  • Knowledge of laws, regulations and requirements.
  • Be able to monitor marked and be ahead of solutions, etc.
  • Increase the offer and have high availability of equipment and services that we can offer our customers locally and elsewhere.
  • Have good relations and cooperation with other suppliers to make sure we can deliver
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